OUR Vision

Connecting people to their Lord and the Prophetic Legacy by facilitating a vibrant service-oriented campus community.


Our Mission

The Felicity Foundation is dedicated to fostering a community oriented towards God and His Messenger (Allah bless him and give him peace). We aspire to embody the faith in service to all members of the broad campus community. Ours is an inclusive mission, relevant to contemporary life-concerns and directed towards spiritual transformation. We strive to meet local needs along multiple axes; offering an array of services and resources that highlight meanings and values around which a healthy community can thrive. The scope of our work is encapsulated in four areas: Spiritual Life, Student Services, Outreach, and Development & Sustainability.

At a time when there is political turmoil and a lot of hatred going around, it becomes integral to find community, support and safe spaces. Felicity, through the help of the chaplaincy, has enabled Muslim students to feel empowered and safe on campus. It is an intentional effort aimed to not only educate and liaise with faculty and administration, but to advocate for students on campus. As an alumni, I am grateful to see that happening.
— Ayeza Siddiqui, UM Alumni


  • Office Hours
  • Networking
  • Halal Dining
  • Felicity House
  • Internships
  • Daily Group Prayers
  • Koran and Dua
  • Jumua Prayer Service
  • Weekly Halaqas
  • Womens Book Club