The Felicity Team

Felicity Chaplains

Leenah Safi

Chaplain Leenah Safi earned her B.A. in Islamic Law and Theology from Zaytuna College in Berkeley, CA before getting her Masters of Divinity in Inter-Religious Engagement from the Chicago Theological Seminary. She is involved in Felicity’s educational programs, both as instructor and as and attendee. She also serves as advisor to the Muslim Student Association and the Muslim Coalition, and hosts regular office hours for those who have questions or would like to talk over a cup of coffee.


Felicity Teachers

Khurram Wani

Instructor Khurram Wani leads regular classes at our UM and Wayne campuses. He also serves as the Director of Islamic Studies at Huda School in Franklin, MI and as the youth director of the Tawheed Center in Farmington Hills, MI. Khurram is currently continuing his education in mathematics and educational leadership at Wayne State University and in the Islamic sciences under local scholarship.

Zaynab Salman

Instructor Zaynab Salman leads the monthly sisters’ book club on the University of Michigan campus. Zaynab Salman has been a high school history teacher for over 10 years and works with youth in the southeastern Michigan region in many capacities.


Felicity Board

  • Amjad Tarsin
  • Bilal Javaid
  • Manal Baker
  • Parvez Ahmed
  • Sameena Basha
  • Zaynab Salman