Spiritual Life

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Daily Group Prayers

The spiritual pulse of the Muslim community is their prayer. the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and his fold and give them peace) informed us that we help protect the faith when we pray together as a community. When we don't pray together we are left alone without defense and our faith succumbs to the elements and is harmed. We strive to facilitate all five daily prayers in congregation, using the various worship spaces available to us on campus. Having an accessible public congregation is a communal obligation. Communities that pray together stay together. Come, take part and rejuvinate your soul; wash away all of the negativity you face day-to-day in the river of prayer that God has provided.

Koran and Dua

Friday is the holiest day of the week. Friday eve is especially blessed and holy. In order to benefit from its blessings we strive to cultivate it with good deeds. "Whoever recites the chapter, The Cave, on Friday, then there will be a light for him that extends from the place of his recitation to the Ancient House." [al-Hakim, al-Bayhaqi]. We gather once a week on the eve of Friday for the Isha' prayer in congregation and follow the prayer with a group recitation of Surat al-Kahf as well as evening duas prescribed by the Prophet (Allah bless him and his folk and give them peace).


Jumua: friday Prayer Service

The Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and his folk and give them peace) informed us that from one Friday to the next, our sins are wiped clean. The Friday prayer is a great symbol and rite of this religion. We strive to hold Friday prayer services on campus every week. We gather regularly at 2pm all throughout the year with students, faculty, staff, and community members to strengthen our spiritual bonds and to fulfill our obligation. this sermon is delivered monthly by the chaplain, otherwise it rotates between an assortment of well respected preachers in the religion. From time to time students, alumni, and guests will also deliver the sermon. 

Fasting the White Days

The Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and his folk and give them peace) would fast the middle three days of every month in the lunar calendar, i.e. the days of the full mon which are the 13th, 14th, and 15th of each month. Fasting these three days has great merit. The Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and his folk and give them peace) said, "Shall I not tell you of something that will take away the evil of the heart? Fasting three days of each month." And "[For] whoever that fasts on three days of every month it will be as if they have fasted for an entire year." The Felicity Foundation encourages Muslims on campus to fast these three days of the month by reminding them of their merit and holding potluck iftars when possible. 

Sacred Seasons

The Islamic calendar is filled with holidays, holy days, and sacred seasons all of which carry great blessing. We seek to foster a community that is aware of the Islamic calendar, and eager to give it life. We are encouraged in our religion to seek out the Divine Breezes and to prepare ourselves for their blessings. The foundation seeks to help the community do so by raising the level of education and awareness around these seasons as well as offering an array of special programming and services around Ramadan, the two 'Eids, the sacred months; Dhul Qi'da, Dhul Hijja, Muharram, and Rajab as well as Rabi' al Awwal and Sha'ban. 


Messenger of Mercy

In an effort to unwind and reconnect with the Lord and Nurturer of the Worlds, every Wednesday, we hope to revive a sunna of the Messenger of God (Allah bless him and his folk and give them peace) by giving life to the period between the two night prayers, in devotion to Allah Most High! Between Maghrib and 'Isha we read a text on the character and life of the Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and his folks and give them peace) as well as recite some of teh prayers he taught us. Whether you come once a year, once a month, or weekly, this is a space that is open to you and a spiritual spring from which you can drink. 

Reconnecting to the Divine

Once a month the Felicity Foundation hosts a spiritual and social gathering on Friday night. The event is open to all and focuses on bringing the Ann Arbor community and students together. The night includes a light lecture about our relationship with Allah, evening prayers are recited, and snacks are provided. It is a great end to the week and a great place to meet new people. 

Inviting to Allah

The Messenger of God is narrated to have said, "Convey from me, even one verse." In this vein students go out and visit various communities in an attempt to remind themselves and others about their covenant with Allah. They also go out to spread Islamic literacy; thereby cultivating a sound understanding of Islam amongst our neighbors. These opportunities also give students a chance to solidify their Islamic knowledge by teaching it to others. The short trips are meant to build brotherhood and sisterhood as well as develop a concern for the Prophetic da'wah and hone the skills of those involved. 

Alternative Spring Break

The University of Michigan prides itself on its extensive alternative spring break trips. Felicity Foundation offers its own week long service and da'wah trip that students can apply to take part in. We also strive with the MSA and other Muslim student groups to give Muslim students an array of different alternative spring break opportunities every year. We are working on creating a list of options through the various Muslim student organizations.


Special Events

The Felicity Foundation hosts many special events every year. Everything from welcome events to workshops on calligraphy, as well as collaborative efforts with IKLHAS research initiative and various university departments like the Islamic Studies Program. Programming is not only geared towards Muslim, rather the foundation seeks to provide programming to all. Collaborating with students, the university, and the greater Muslim community, Felicity hopes to provide relevant and educational programming that all can benefit from. 


One finds benefit in a variety of teaching styles and pedagogical tools. Educational intensives allow for great distances in knowledge and spiritual refinement to be achieved in shorter amounts of time. Whether it be with a visiting scholar or local learned teachers, the foundation attempts to facilitate learning opportunites for all at the hands of experts in their fields hoping to benefit from the inheritance of the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and his folk and give them peace); knowledge. 

Women's book club

Join the sisters on campus as we embark on our first book club! We will be reading Being Muslim: A Practical Guide, a book that is meant to give readers practical and useful knowledge that can help them understand what it means to be Muslim. Being Muslim, by Dr. Asad Tarsin, is a compilation of essential concepts and timeless wisdom compiled form over 20 reliable authorities in Islam, bringing all of these components together in one convenient easily readable guide.