Who We Are:

The Muslim Alumni Network is part of the Felicity Foundation which was established in early 2015 as a restructuring and outgrowth from the Michigan Muslim Alumni Foundation. 


The Muslim Alumni Network seeks to cultivate a platform to reach and engage all Michigan Muslim alumni and students. In order to create stronger ties between Muslim students and Islam at Michigan, we aim to provide resources, support, and a strong sense of community within the Michigan alumni population. Learning never ends for an individual, as part of the network, alumni will be able to attend events and lectures hosted by Felicity, have online access to those events, and more. Whether you are in Michigan or out of Michigan, a grad student or at a profession; Muslim Alumni Network aims to engage you and your former classmates in meaningful conversations surrounding Islam, help build new ties, and cultivate a sense of community for everyone. 


  • Alumni Networking Events
  • Career Development/Mentorship
  • Scholarship Fund
  • Educational Support

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