Parent Network

For many parents, the experience of sending your first child away to college is uncharted territory. the Parent Network serves as a multi-faceted resource to aid prospective parents in the admission process and welcome new families to campus life in Ann Arbor.


Navigating Admissions

Prospective families can take advantage of workshops offered throughout the year to assist students with the college application process. Both and admissions officer from the University of Michigan as well as the Chaplain will be on hand to guide parents on admissions criteria, financial planning, as well as expectations concerning life on campus.


State of the Campus Umma

The State of the Campus Umma lecture series is a short presentation given annually addressing matters of concern to parents of college students as well as parents of prospective college students. Each year the Felicity Foundation addresses a timely issue, such as career choices, substance abuse, residence halls and other housing options, as well as how to maintain a healthy and vibrant spiritual and religious college experience. We strive to bring in national research on the topic as well as addressing all of that in light of the guidance of the Koran and Sunna. Finally, we hope to provide parents with outlets on and off campus that are addressing these issues and some best practices for them in their parenting before and during this important phase in life.



In the Spirit of the Quranic verse, "We have...made you nations and tribes so that you may know one another" [Quran 49:13]. The Parent Network offers families the chance to get to know one another and support each other. Whether it is meeting and sharing a meal, forming a community carpool, or offering a local retreat to an out-of-state student who is far from home, the Parent Network can be your platform to get involved with the vibrant Muslim Community on campus.

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