The Felicity Foundation is dedicated to fostering a community oriented towards God and His Messenger (Allah bless him and give him peace).


We aspire to embody the faith in service to all members of the broad campus community. Ours is an inclusive mission, relevant to contemporary life-concerns and directed towards spiritual transformation. We strive to meet local needs along multiple axes; offering an array of services and resources that highlight meanings and values around which a healthy community can thrive. The scope of our work is encapsulated in four areas: Spiritual Life, Student Services, Outreach, and Development & Sustainability.


Student Services

Find out about student services that Felicity Foundation provides.

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Spiritual Life

Find out about Spiritual Life on Campus.

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Find out about Felicity Foundation's Muslim Alumni Network.

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Parent Network

Find out about Felicity Foundation's Parent Network.

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Musalla Area in the House

Musalla Area in the House

Felicity House

The Felicity Foundation has helped secure a house for the 2016 and 2017 year. The house is near the Michigan Union and is split into two different units. One unit has six bedrooms and will be used as a living quarters for nine male students. The living quarter is intended to create a healthy and spiritual environment for our students on campus. The second unit will be used as a space to hold classes, a place to hold group meetings, and a place for group prayers and other functions. Our hope is to pilot this for a while and expand to include housing for women as well as eventually purchase a place for Muslim students on campus. If you are interested in helping us create such an endowment, ask us for more information.